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Posts under ‘Migraine Headache’

Is Migraine Risk Related To Waistline?

Migraine evidence is in! Your enlarged waistline increases your risk of migraine headaches, especially in younger women. Learn more to reduce your migraine risk.

What Are Your Migraine Headache Triggers?

Suddenly you’re blindsided by a migraine headache, without warning, crippling for hours and days…What are your migraine triggers? How can you stop this?

How Do Your Enzymes Affect Migraine Pain?

Did you know that migraine headaches and other inflammation can result from insufficient metabolic enzymes? It’s true, and your dietary habits can be a culprit. In short, raw foods contain the digestive enzymes necessary for…you guessed it…digestion! But cooking your food destroys these digestive enzymes. So where can your body get them? It diverts metabolic enzymes away from their critical functions of regulating heart, brain, other organs and hormones, and converts them into digestive enzymes. And that’s where the trouble comes in…

Migraine Headache Pain – How Severe Is Your Migraine?

Migraine headaches can be excruciating, blinding, nauseating, crippling… Are you one of the 300 million people worldwide who suffers from them? If so, you’ll welcome the migraine headache relief (some call it a “cure for migraine headaches”) which we will expose in this series of articles, the first on our new transformational health and wealth blog.