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Daddy's 90th Birthday - My role as Caregiver

Daddy's 90th - Caregiver in Eldercare

Hi!  I am Margaret, although you may know me by my “Twitter name” @MargHamp – Marketing and Social Media Consultant, Wedding Planning, Caregiver, Transformational Health, Women’s Issues

I am easy to find around the ‘net, sharing and caring, devoted to truth, to helping others survive and thrive personally and in business, and to relieving pain.  All kinds of pain – emotional, relational, physical, even financial. And to going forward from there with hope and joy – a thriving business, regenerated health, family restoration, and love.  Yes, an incurable romantic, I love weddings – especially cool breezes and romantic sunsets for beach weddings!

A part of all this stems from my 30 years professionally in corporate planning for mega-institutions with successes at the highest levels, plus  new venture planning and marketing consulting, Trustee on national health charity boards, and more before devoting four years essentially full time to caring for degenerating and dying parents.

As a person of vision throughout my prior corporate and consulting life, it wasn’t hard to see that the internet and social media were the way to dominate Google and garner attention for any vital message you want to deliver … so I studied with the best in the world and now combine my extensive business and marketing background with extensive SEO and web 2.0 training and experience to dominate Google and bring new customers for clients … But also starting this blog (wherever it leads me)… seeking a small space to speak up myself on issues near and dear to my heart.  I’m a passionate professional, speaker, woman… So watch out, I just might take a stand!

I am giving links and text here that would “kill me” in the search engines for ranking this site for a keyword term, because they are multi-topic, not focused on a single issue.  But this site is not about that.  It’s about my sharing on several fronts.  So let me be really transparent and lead you to multiple profiles that go into some depth on different aspects of my background, competencies, interests – and importantly, the varied ways in which I can HELP YOU!

Among the very many social sites, a couple of the “nexus” points for finding me include:

The “Info” page on my Facebook Profile with extensive interests and background -Margaret Hampton – Passionate Speaker, Marketing and Social Networking Consultant, Healthcare – Transformational Health, Former Corporate Executive, Caregiver, Mom

LinkedIn – Margaret Hampton – Professional Profile, High Reputation, Corporate and Health Backgrounds

In fact, one “Note” on my Facebook page carries my first Press Release which captured four of the top six positions on Google for the competitive keyword term, “Mothers Day Flowers Florida” – starting with the very TOP position, Google NEWS of the day (ahead of the two largest companies in that industry), and also with a double listing.  I can do this for my clients, too.  For four months running, a year before the best training in the world, I achieved multiple listings on the first page of Google searches for three different keywords for DogWhisperWoman, Rena Murray.  She tripled her newsletter subscribers.  I’m having great fun and success with all of this now!

So I can help your business reach more customers, faster and at a fraction of your current advertising costs.  If interested, just Email Marg.

Want to know more about me?  You can tell a lot from some of my individual writings.  Here’s a brief sample of my many web 2.0 sites you might enjoy – a couple of personal things that were not for clients (and I did not do any marketing campaign around them, as they were simply for me to share):

I am Caregiver-007 on Hubpages with a couple of in-depth pages that might help you: “What Is Caregiver Burnout, And What Can I Do About It?” (a most serious issue, with important facts and good resources) and “Mothers Day Flowers In Florida” - the meaning of different flowers and a tribute to Mother.  I’ll be adding some for Beach Weddings, too, as I just love them – starting with the Wendy’s Weddings – Beach Weddings series of wedding planning and wedding tips hubpages.

I was also writing for Home Health Care Tips – Health Care Blog with some helpful, caregiver related material.

A few of the many Squidoo lenses (different lensmaster names) include:

Caregiver-related lenses, such as “The Caregiver – Caregiver Support To Relieve Caregiver Stress”

Other health-related lenses, such as “Antioxidants – SuperFoods That Can Save Your Life” , “A Stress Reduction Guide” with the new stress blog feed, and “It’s Time To Stop Panicking About Panic Attacks”

Flowers and weddings, such as “Mothers Day Flowers In Miami And Florida” and

“Wedding Planning Advice And Tips To Stave Off Wedding Stress!”

Fabulous Beach Wedding Ideas – Your Dream Beach Wedding Come True!

Dog-related lenses, such as the fun debate lens, “Dogs vs Cats”, the important pet health lens about the best veterinarian I know, some invaluable information (vaccinations, poisons, pet CPR, etc.), and his home healthcare for pets that every dog and cat owner should have – “Best Dog Health Care Solutions To Dog Health Problems – Holistic and Traditional Pet Health Care”.  Then there’s my review of the best of the best in dog behavior and dog training, “Dog Training Reviews – Top 4 Dog Behavior Specialists”.

Among the many other web 2.0 properties, here’s a new one I’d like to share – two fun Wedding sites that are just starting, an experiment with weebly.com and with blogs – “Romantic Beach Wedding Dresses” and “Romantic Beach Wedding Ideas”.

Need to send a written communication via “snail mail?” Send it to: Marg Hamp, 987 N. Suncoast Blvd. #200, Crystal River, FL 34429.

Want to send me an email? Again, it’s Email Marg. I’d love to be of service!

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