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Bad News For Migraine Pain - Migraine Drugs Do Not Work! | marghamp.com
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Bad News For Migraine Pain – Migraine Drugs Do Not Work!

Migraine Drugs Fail To Relieve Migraine Pain

Migraine Drugs Fail To Relieve Migraine Pain

Your Doctor Probably Does Not Know…

“Why Drugs DO NOT WORK On Migraine Headaches!”

I was shocked when I learned that the very assumptions on which migraine drugs work is all WRONG. But I started this research after meeting Dr. Irina Kossovskaia and Dr. David Gawain and speaking with former migraine sufferers they had helped. So I want to share with you now some of my findings about migraine headaches and how to get migraine pain relief.

Over 300 million people worldwide suffers from migraine headaches. To me, that’s an epidemic! And yet migraines are among the least understood and most poorly treated of truly debilitating afflictions. If you are a migraine sufferer, you know what I mean!

Conventional “wisdom” was that migraines were VASCULAR. It was thought that pain signals were sent after an initial blood vessel restriction, which was followed by dilation and stretching. But recent research shows migraines are NEUROLOGICAL. They are related to a wave of nerve cell activity that sweeps across the brain.

A little while back, I remember reading Dr. Joseph Mercola’s explanations (mercola.com), and here’s what struck me so much that I put it in my personal notes. It seems that the trigeminal nerve system acts as the primary pain pathway in the network of nerve cells in the brain. These nerves are believed to be set off by either:

(a) a wave release of neurotransmitters across the cortex, or
(b) a malfunction of 3 clusters of cells in the brain stem itself – so the neurons “fire at will” even without signals from blood vessels or the brain membrane.

Now you know why a migraine causes you great sensitivity to light, sound, and odors, and why migraine medications aren’t very successful.

Think about the widely prescribed Triptans – They work by binding to serotonin receptors, causing cranial blood vessels to constrict. But since migraine pain is NOT due to dilated blood vessels, constricting them does little good.

If you like the majority of migraine sufferers, nothing you’ve tried really works for you – or at best, it certainly fails you when you need it most. And your doctor is probably like most doctors, too – saying that you just have to experiment with the drugs to find the right one.

If you’ve been there, you know this trial and error… and error… and failure… just leaves you deep in pain and hopeless, helpless despair. Sadly, Big Pharma has convinced the medical community to just overlook the awful side effects for even the limited benefit… sometimes dangerous side effects.  Never mind that you feel:

* Stinging with Botox™ (same dangerous nerve toxin)
* Mentally foggy and disjointed with Topamax™
* Wiped out, very fatigued by Betablockers
* Aching, painful joints with Triptans
* Retching with Imitrex™
* Rebound headaches from absorption drugs
* Dizziness and nausea from other migraine drugs
* Falling asleep at the wheel…

Even with all that, the drugs still don’t work! You are simply left to suffer with some or all of your pain, in addition to horrid side effects of the drugs. You’ve been caught up in a Catch-22! You get medication overuse headaches if you take too much of a headache drug – But when you taper off, you get rebound headaches that may be even worse!

How often do you suffer the searing pain, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light and sound during a migraine headache? Utter debilitation sometimes to the point that you just want to curl up in a dark place and die?

* 1 – 2 days every month, like the average migraine sufferer?
* Weekly, like 10% of migraine victims?
* Every 2-3 days, like 20% of sufferers?
* Half the month (15 days or more), like a hapless 14%?

Dr. Irina and Dr. David showed me how to erase migraine pain in MINUTES… and at the same time stimulate healing on the way to making them a thing of the past. (I also learned from them about the hand-held laser that arrived just in time to save my life – a crisis situation described best in the exclamation of a retired cardiologist: “You were a dead woman! You were a dead woman!” But that’s another story for another day.)

You can read about their awesome hand-held (yes, you can use it yourself) equipment at Migraine Pain Relief. This highly effective, safe equipment is used around the world in hospitals, clinics, even homes (like mine now!), with highly sophisticated, computerized settings – wavelength and frequency combinations – that work on far more than just migraines and inflammations and other pain relief… Such as the superior ratings in trials for treating carpal tunnel and for osteoarthritis of the wrist, better than any drugs (per FDA trials). So we’re not talking about just a single-purpose piece of equipment by any stretch of the imagination, but an essential component of your “21st Century Medicine Cabinet”… Although what you want NOW is something from which large numbers of migraine sufferers reported complete relief in mere minutes (if treated at onset). You want deliverance from migraines, period… and fast!

But there is a real problem out there, with general resistance to any “alternative medicine” or “integrative medicine” by the mainstream, Big Pharma trained, general medical community. There are some very smart, very caring, well trained medical professionals – but they are handicapped in treating your migraines effectively. It stems in large part from what we discussed above – that migraines are among the most poorly understood and mistreated of all disorders – as well as blinders to alternative treatments.

The fact remains – Their drug treatments are sadly lacking. Don’t just take my word for it. According to Scientific American, July 2008, very few drugs can prevent migraines. In fact, the truth is,

* Migraine drugs were developed for other diseases, such as hypertension, depression, epilepsy…and
* They only work in about 50% of patients…and
* Even then, they only work about 50% of the time
* With a wide range of potentially serious side effects.

New techniques are being tested, such as drugs that work by preventing the gap junction from opening (ion channels), halting the flow of calcium between brain cells. But is this healthy? Interrupting normal body function? Wouldn’t you rather stop these awful headaches at the source? And according to its qualifying trial data, even the most promising new migraine pain drug, ExcedrinR™, reports a long 6 hours for 79% of test subjects to achieve little or no pain.

What? – 6 Hours for the best drug? – That’s too long! By then, that day at the beach is gone, the romantic dinner is long past, and forget enjoying the happiest day of your daughter’s life, her wedding, or your anniversary, or your child’s sports competition…

I think it’s time to get your life back. That’s why I’ve started this new blog with migraine information. Many more health issues and family issues will follow. For now, let’s clear your head of pain and your eyes from glazing over from migraines so you can even pay attention to anything else!

Please COMMENT below about your experiences with migraine treatments.

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