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What Are Your Migraine Headache Triggers? | marghamp.com
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What Are Your Migraine Headache Triggers?

Migraine Headache Trigger - Computer Glare

All of a sudden, you are blindsided by another migraine headache… without warning…

Crippling, knocking you off your feet for hours and days at a time… Much more than a “headache”…

And with the intense migraine pain comes incredible light and sound sensitivity… nausea or vomiting… throbbing temples and whole head, worsening with every move you make … and the worst side effect of all, rebound headaches!

“Why, why?” you ask in misery.

So much is not known about such headaches. Theories abound with all kinds of scientific reasoning, but too much is only partially understood, if at all. And too much that is known is still misconstrued and mistreated. There’s even disagreement regarding the different types of migraines.

Migraine myths abound… for example, such absurd (disproven) beliefs that:

  • It’s only women who get true migraines.
  • Sex always hurts the head. (Hey, what about the bally-hooed therapeutic effects of orgasms?)

But what are YOUR REAL migraine triggers?

Some of the more commonly discussed triggers include these: (Do you recognize any of them as your own?)

  • Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Digestion problems
  • Hormones or Sex
  • Injury – especially back or neck
  • Fluorescent lights – the flickering glare in the office
  • Computer screen glare
  • Weather and barometric change

We’ll be bringing forth expert commentary on causes of migraine headaches and what you can do to eliminate or reduce the effect of these triggers. There’s been much research on natural ways to ease or alter the impact of would-be migraine triggers, and know people using these successfully.

And we’ll also be bringing forth migraine treatments that actually work – naturally, drug-free, effectively, and quickly! You don’t have to give up your life.

A lot of people are doing a lot of work to give you migraine relief and even cure, once and for all, from migraine misery.  So stick with us over the next posts and on-going.  We’re here for you … and for your freedom from migraines!

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