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How Do Your Enzymes Affect Migraine Pain? | marghamp.com
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How Do Your Enzymes Affect Migraine Pain?

Migraine headache from enzymes

Did you know that migraine headaches and other inflammation can result from insufficient metabolic enzymes?  It’s true, and your dietary habits can be a culprit.

In short, raw foods contain the digestive enzymes necessary for … you guessed it … digestion! But cooking your food destroys these digestive enzymes.

So where can your body get them?  It diverts metabolic enzymes away from their critical functions of regulating heart, brain, other organs and hormones, and converts them into digestive enzymes.

That’s where the trouble comes in. You see, not only does inflammation result (which in the head causes headaches!)… but your food digests poorly.  And so toxins in your digestive track get absorbed into the bloodstream and cause, among other things … headaches!

See why diet and the resulting enzyme action are so important?

What can you do to reduce your risk from particular cause of migraine headaches?  Eat more raw foods, and eat organic foods.  Organic food contains more concentrated enzymes than conventional foods, and they avoid most of the extremely damaging poisons caused by pesticides and food processes.

Sandra Feder offers help here with information on the “5 Areas Of Balance That Will Keep You Migraine-Free” and with a free e-course: “6 Nuggets Of Migraine Help.” Both are offered on her helpful Squidoo lens -Migraine Help Is As Close As Your Enzymes.

So let’s reduce your your risk of migraines and their severety while we explore even more options to cure migraine headaches once and for all!

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1 Comment on “How Do Your Enzymes Affect Migraine Pain?”

  1. #1 meamber
    on Dec 3rd, 2008 at 7:37 am

    I enjoyed this post, because I have found many links between diet and disorders – especially due to a lack of sufficient, specific nutrients, or to how we poison our bodies when we eat non organic food. The horror stories are legion! The importance of enzymes and of detoxing the kidney and liver have really struck me recently… And I also long believed that there was a significant link between diet and many migraines. Now you’ve confirmed it!

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